Johns Creek Residents Take Three Prizes at THE BLOCK PARTY Opening


Janine Lancour, holding artwork, won the Professionals category in
THE BLOCK PARTY. Presenting are, from left, AOTC Secretary Noelle
Simon, President Ron Cioffi, Project Coordinator Karen Cohen, Board
Member Lyman Louis and Vice President Scott Kallish.

Michael Becker and family stand besides his entry "Table."


Arts On The Creek, Inc. (AOTC) has awarded three first-place cash prizes and a honorable mention at the debut exhibition of THE BLOCK PARTY, which was hosted by fresco art galerie & café Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013. Three of the four honored participants live in Johns Creek.

Cash prizes were awarded for first-place winners in each age bracket: $50 for students and mixed-aged groups, $75 for adults and $125 for professionals. THE BLOCK PARTY is a public art project and traveling exhibit. It is a collective journey of exploration in which participants will use a block of wood to express their unique vision of a particular concept. AOTC selected "community" as the theme.

Local resident Janine Lancour received first place in the Professionals category. In her essay about her piece called "A Lover's Rose," Lancour wrote, "My rose represents community by the many parts it took to make the single rose. Then when you think of a rose, it is not grown as a single rose, it grows in a bush that contains many roses. So the single rose represents me (the artist) as a part of a community and community is represented in pieces of wood that create the rose." Her work consisted of a painting that held the block cut to form the rose and leaves.

Margaret May, who was honored for her work submitted in the Adult category, wrote, "My yard is now a certified wildlife habitat - for a community of wildlife which includes: birds, chipmunks, squirrels rabbits, butterflies, bees, spiders and more. Some stop by for a visit, while other live in my yard." Local resident May's piece consisted of photos wrapped around blocks and mounted on a slice of a tree.

Winners of the Student category were the middle school students of the Epstein School in Sandy Springs. They produced a video entitled "Our Digital Community" demonstrated how youngsters share their common experiences in a digital world. "With today's technology and the ability to connect with others through the Internet and social media, our communities are no longer limited to those who live nearby," was part of their essay.

The Aviary Homeowners Social Committee won the Student honorable mention award for a cooperative project in which young children each used their block to portray themselves and their interests.

The Home Depot is the main sponsor of the project and donated the blocks.

AOTC is planning on showing the exhibition at numerous locations in metro Atlanta.

AOTC President Ron Cioffi said, "We were very pleased with the quality of THE BLOCK PARTY artwork shown in the opening, which was attended by many of the exhibiting artists and their families. We are very excited to continue to show the exhibition at other sites and for further projects we are planning for THE BLOCK PARTY."

The block is a 6" long piece of standard 2"x2" pine lumber, a small and humble piece of wood with which artists have to create something of meaning and value. It may be beautiful, surprising, humorous, satirical, ironic ... but above all, original. Submissions have varied from cutting the block into piece and attaching them to a multi-media painting to being used as connectors in a coffee table.

Serving as judges were Cioffi, AOTC Project Coordinator Karen Cohen, Chattahoochee High School art teacher Dorsey Sammataro and painter and art teacher Patricia Gagne.